Body Fluid Dilution
The Athena Group, Inc. Team
Fred Taylor, Ph.D. (Chairman of the Board)
Monica Murphy (President and Chief Executive Officer)
Jon Mellot, Ph.D. (Chief Technology Officer)

eClinic Principal Investigator: Elroy Boluc, Ed.D.
Project Manager: Richard Ledbetter, Ed.D.
Content Authors: Dr. Diane Wilson, Dr. Timothy Akers, Richard Ledbetter
Simulation Creation/Development: Dr. Diane Wilson, Dr. Timothy Akers, Richard Ledbetter
Graphics: Corey Wilmot
Simulation Programming: Robert Melczarek, Ph.D
Web Programming: Matthew Deyarmin, Timothy Williams
Research and Quality Assurance: Timothy Williams, Theresa Williams

*This project is dedicated to the leadership, spirit, and memory of Sebastian Foti, Ph.D. who inspired the direction of this and other educational technology products developed by The Athena Group. Sebastian, we hope that this product lives up to your standards of excellence and high expectations for quality educational learning materials.